hello!kidnee: A Transplant Journey through a Donor’s Prospective

happy thoughts & pixie dust…

February 21, 2013 – 3 Responses

It’s February 20th now and tomorrow is the day I will be presented to the transplant team….oh to be a fly on the wall during that meeting. As I understand it, they’ll be discussing things like the length of the arteries and veins attached to my kidneys, how my body will function with one kidney, if I’m mentally prepared for the donation, and if I do in fact have two kidneys…yeah I guess it’s been a thing once or twice in the past. Now for a bit of a rewind….About two weeks ago I received a call from Social Worker Jenny asking me to get a doctor’s note excusing me from p.e. …no that wasn’t it… stating how I fared on my very low dosage anti-depressant. Of course I haven’t taken the pills in almost two months and while Jenny knew that I decided to jump through whatever hoop they asked me to jump through. I called the doctor’s office, explained what I needed and was told the request would be given to my doc immediately. Still in rewind mode…about a week and a half ago I had my …ahem… “girl doctor” appointment and as luck would have it, I received the call that my other doc’s office had my note waiting for pickup…in the same office building one floor up….aces! I was right on time for said appointment but asked if I had an extra minute to a) run upstairs to pick up my note, and 2) go to the bathroom….c’mon you know you’re not shocked about that second request. I did, so I did. Up the stairs I ran, grabbed the note from the receptionist, down the stairs I ran, stopped with a look to and acknowledgment the front desk staff and ducked into the loo. I was not even settled into the chair in the waiting room before I was called into the inner office. Vitals taken, in for my exam (aka the puppet show as my friend Mark calls it), chat with the doc and outta the office in 15 minutes….wowsa! I did stop at the desk to ask to have my test results faxed over to Emily at Cedars and impressed upon them the need for an urgent reading of the results…they were very kind and said they would take care of it. With testing done and my doctor’s note in my hands, I was back to work within the hour. Once at work i immediately went right back to working….oh who am i kidding…I immediately called Social Worker Jenny to let her know I would be emailing a copy of my doc’s note that stated I am “stable”….I do know of a few non-doctor types who would beg to differ on that analysis but whatever dude those folks don’t have initials after their names or massive medical school student loans. Three days later I got a call from the puppet master’s office informing me that my tests were clear…c’mon I know you wanted to know…and already faxed to Cedars. I thanked them profusely for getting that taken care of so quickly, and then I was onto my next call to Emily to let her know that the fax was in the….mail(?)…ethers(?)…I dunno…on it’s way. Later that afternoon she left me a message saying she had received the fax, read the results and it seemed that all my ducks were in their rows and as previously stated I would be presented on Thursday, February 21st and she would be in touch that evening. Back to present day….so here I am with you along for the ride in very real time. My nails, while never prettily manicured, are pretty much a shambles as I put all the happy thoughts out into the atmosphere that tomorrow I will get the good phone call and not the bad one. Please join me in those happy thoughts … even those few of you who probably still think I’m nuts to do this ;)



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