Drake was born 9/3/2010 at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, in Iowa City…
Drake was born at 38 week gestion period. Here is a list of thing that he has going on… Fetal hydronephrosis Small kindeys, bilateral Congenital abnormality of the bladder-trabeculated bladder on VCUG Hyonatremia … Renal insufficiency Dysplastic kdneys Grade 5 vesicoureteral reflux When Drake was 5 months old he had to have surgery. He had a to have a G-tub put in cuz he was not gaining weight.   They had to do a vesicostomy (to prevent turther deteroration on the renal function).
They last 2 years we have had a hard time getting him to gain weight,  as of 1/18/2013 we weights 28.3.  We have come along way..

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