Joseph is a loving, kind hearted person who puts others before himself.

Joseph is 43 years old,(Blood type: O neg.)  and has had Kidney Failure since Feburary 2011.  He has kidney dialysis treatments (3), three times a week.  At one point in his process he was qualified for the Kidney Transplant LIST.  As his disability has progressed the financial issue changed.  Due to this change;  It is now important for us to focus on the financial support.  To raise money for hi…s kidney transplant we are looking into a Trustee Account and exploring Fund Raisers.
Any ideas, support, and help concerniing this journey would be so appreciated.
We desire seeing Joseph with the “sparkle in his eyes” and “chuckle in his smile” again very soon.  This can not be done without our faith in God and HIS direction.
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General Information
“PAYING IT FORWARD”……………….. (Click It, LIKE It, Share It)  
      God gifted me my son and his name is JOSEPH C. VOLIVA.  There is no magic in this information rather than the Power of God with HIS unconditional Agape’ love.  Answered prayer of 43 years ago, I was supernaturally blessed with a son that was born from my heart and not my belly.  From the moment he came into my life was …the very beginning of his journey.  His Dad and I kept in our hearts the all American dream for him to be healthy, wealthy, and wise.  As all families, there are mountain tops and then there are valleys to go through to be tried and tested.  We were not rich in money but we were contained with God’s tender mercy and love.  Everywhere Joseph would go, the twinkle in his beatuiful blue eyes, the smile he kept on his face, and his tender soft spoken voice would draw the attention of others.
      Joseph is full of talents and abilities that have not yet completely surfaced.  He served with the US Army and the NC Army National Guard in the airborne infantry and calvary starting when he was 16 years old.  The motive was to serve his country.  And earn money for his education.  He did very well in school and completed his service from the Army and an Honorable Discharge.  At this point in his life he was ready to start a new life for himself by enterning college at East Carolina University.  He encountered disappointment and complications that brought forth a “detour in his life” which is when his blessings appeared to be less than what he expected by the efforts of his choices and decisions.
      His health started to decline which made it stressful to carry on all the duties and goals of his dreams.  His Dad passed away January 6, 2011 and this made me a signle mom.  I saw so many red flags of poor health but could not put my finger on the problem.  The main issue always seemed to be high blood pressure and almost yearly kidney stones.  We both lived in the Piedmont Area of North Carolina at the time.  In October 2010 I was asked to return home to Gatesville, NC, (East Coast area of North Carolina), to be back-up care taker for my parents, his grand-parents.  I relocated January 8, 2011 and one month later I got a phone call from Joseph, telling me he was in the hospital with Kidney Failure.  He was immediately put on Kidney Dialysis for 3 timess a week.  His whole life changed into being “Disabled” and in constant pain.  His sweetheart, Amanda, has cared for him 24/7 from that moment until present date.
      Joseph qualified and is on the Kidney Transplant List but will be taken off by December 1, 2011  because of no longer qualifying for medicaid and having to have a significant amount of money in the bank to start his journey in seeking a donor.  He must have money in a medical trust account before he can Re-Apply for the Transplant List.  The immuno-suppressant medication is over $1500.00 a month. 
      Please take part with your support and prayers in giving Joseph another chance to live as near normal life as he can with a Kidney Transplant.  We are asking God’s Favor that the Financial needs shall be met and the Donor that is “hand-picked” for Joseph with God’s  blessings and anointment.
      There is no gimmick to his story; SPREAD THE NEWS AND KEEP IT GOING.  It is only a request of help for JOSEPH”s Journey to end in “ALL IS WELL”
                                        “PAYING IT FORWARD”
                                            Judith Voliva-smith                                             (Joseph’s mother)
PS/  UPDATE SHALL FOLLOW concerning his Benefit Trust Account

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