I need a kidney transplant. I am blood type O. If you are type O also,and woulld like to test to see if you could be my donor, You can call my transplant center @  888-949-3816..ask for Susan.I live in OKLAHOMA
I was diagnosed with IGA nephropathy August 2010.   An attempt to save my kidneys was made through medication, and a complete 180 in diet. These attempts were for naught, and in complete kidney failure, I began dialysis immediately. I was told Fibromyalgia, that I have lived with since I was 19 years old, was the culprit.   Fibromyalgia is an auto-immune disease’ and has a tendency of weakening immune system, and my immune system to turned on my kidneys. I had worked in Hospice for years and suddenly I was the sick one….I am 44 and have a beautiful 17  yr. old daughter.  She is very active in three sports and is on youth council at our church. She is amazing and I am so proud of her! I am on National waiting list for a kidney, so we wait. My blood type is 0…searching for a type o donor♥ If you are interested in becoming a donor, please call 918-744-3542..ask for Donna. Also may call 1-888-949-3816…ask for Susan… and tell them you would like to be tested to donate a kidney to Diane Hardison!!!! You will need to know your blood type when you call; that’s the first thing they will ask. just a FYI..♥

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