I need a kidney donor / Necesito un donante de rinon. Please visit our page / Por favor visita nuestra pagina

My name is Angie Maya, I have 37 years and for two, I am on dialysis … I need a kidney transplant.
20 years ago I suffer from Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), an autoimmune disease immune, in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue, in my case the kidneys.
… Lived during 16 years with 30% of kidney function. Al turned 32, I got pregnant with Sebastian, my 4 years. Given the condition of my kidneys, continue the impending pregnancy risks involved Nonetheless and medical recommendations, I assumed the consequences and seven months later, on December 26, 2008, Sebastian was born, the best thing that has happened in my life. After a year of severe treatments, my kidneys stopped working and for two years I am a dialysis patient, is a process in which the peritoneal membrane makes cleaning toxins from my body through a machine on which I am connected while I sleep.
The treatment is painless and allows me to live an almost normal life, but constant tiredness is inevitable and every day I is more urgently needed a transplant, my mom and my sister, Gabriela, tried to be my donor, but after many examinations, were rejected. I turn now to my friends and acquaintances to find the person who wants to help.
Never liked me to report about my illness, I have always been very secretive about it, but I recognize that is time to explore all possible options, not only for me but by my husband and my son.
Not everyone can be a donor, the transplant is only possible thanks to the will of those who severally consent to the donation. Being a donor means saving the life of another and there are people who are willing to help, help me find that person.
The life of a transplanted kidney from a cadaver, is 7 years living person transplantation, allows for 12 years. Of course these are just numbers and there are always risks and complications. While I’m on the waiting list, my doctors advised me to do the best to find a living donor.
I cling to life and now I see it from a different angle, I have to fulfill a dream, a dream not material and every mother has: educating and see my son grow up.
“You may not be able to help me, but you have the power to save lives. Be an organ and tissue donor in your country, at the time of your death could save up to 20 people.”
Please read the FAQ page and share my page with your friends. Help me find the person who wants to help and save my life.
Thanks, ANGIE
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Please contact the Donor Team at the transplant institute – Jackson Hospital Stephanie Ramos Tel: (305)355-5215


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