Kara’s search for a new kidney
Kara, my 15yr old daughter, needs a kidney transplant.
Kara has a rare genetic disorder called Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, or BBS as all of the families call it. A main component of BBS is kidney disease that eventually leads to kidney failure. Kara is now experiencing that.
Kara started hemodialysis in October 2011. She receives treatments 3 days a week at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. On January …9, 2012, Kara had surgery to insert a peritoneal catheter, so she can begin treatments at home.
Kara has O type blood and only an O kidney will match. We currently have no living donor options. Kara is beginning the transplant evaluation and will be listed on the national organ registry soon.
I will be using this page to update friends and family of Kara’s progress, to help in the search for Kara’s kidney, and to raise awareness of BBS.

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