Jim Myers is from Crown Point, IN, He is an ESRD patient currently on dialysis (started Aug 2012) awaiting a transplant. He is on the transplant list at Indiana University. His Kidney Transplant Coordinator is Kristy Williams (RN) Kristy can be reached at (800-382-4602) or (Fax: 317-944-0346)…


My name is Jim Myers.  I have a page on FB I call Kidney Stories.  I would like to post your story on my page.  It’s new, but I have close to 2000 friends on my regular page (James Myers).  I would love to share your story.  I just opened a new Twitter account (Kidney Stories) and my regular account I have close to 1000 followers.  My belief is that the best way to help myself is to help others.  I am on the transplant list at IU.  Like you I need a kidney.  I want to raise awareness.  May I share your story? My page link here:



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