Type “O” Blood Type … Sacramento Ca. Living Donor Program  UC Davis Contact: Sharon 916-734-3295 Rosie 916-734-0430 Searching for a Kidney Donor for Our Mom 
Our Wife, Mother and Grandmother, Carol Wilkerson needs a kidney. Carol is 66 years old and will be married to Jerry, her high school sweetheart, for 49 years in June of 2013. Together Jerry and Carol raised 5 children of their own and provided love, care and direction to countless foster and group home children that were placed in their care over the years they operated their successful series of… group homes and foster family agency in California They continue their track record of providing love and support to their 9 grandchildren aged 4 years to 22. Carol has always put others before herself and now she needs help. For once she needs to be the one that is put first. She was diagnosed with diabetes at 19 and was able to control it with pills for decades before she was finally put on insulin to control it. The combinations of diabetes and high blood pressure have taken their toll on her body and she began to go in to renal failure in 2009  . Rising to the challenge she was able to stave off dialysis for many years through her warrior like approach to embracing not only the diabetic diet but the renal one as well. Her nephrologist was amazed that she was actually able to slightly increase her kidney function due to total compliance with the diet and lifestyle changes necessary. She finally began dialysis in October 2011      and continues to do everything she can to follow the requirements of the program. Her supervising physicians, social workers and technicians are all very well aware of her compliance to the renal program and hold her as an example to others. She is fighting the good fight and doing everything she can to prolong her quality of life, but she cannot do this alone. She needs help, she needs a kidney. . She has not allowed herself to be defined by this awful situation. Friday nights she is at her 15 year old grandson’s football game cheering him on, Saturday morning at dialysis and from there straight to her 12 year old grandson’s afternoon football game cheering him on as well. Any event that is happening in the life of one of her loved ones she somehow finds the strength to be there and share in the accomplishment, joy, sorrow or celebration.

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