Roshon is 38 years young from Baltimore, MD, and has O+ blood with kidney failure. He’s been on hemodialysis for 1 1/2 years with four chest catheter replacements. Please help him find his kidney angel. Click on “About” to read his story.
Roshon is 38 years young and full of life. When you look at him, you would never guess he has kidney failure and goes to dialysis 3 times a week. However, that is the case. Roshon is O+ and needs a kidney donor who has O type blood for compatibility. He is from Maryland and is working with the University of Maryland Transplant Center. There are no donor matches within his family at this time due t…o incompatible blood types or existing health reasons that disqualify them with the transplant center. As a result of not finding a family or friend donor, Roshon is still searching for his kidney angel. The Let’s Find Roshon a Working Kidney page will serve as another avenue for connecting him with donors who are compatible and willing to help.
Despite his health concerns, Roshon is often the life of the party. He is the owner and main DJ for an entertainment business he established in the early 90s. In addition, he is the loving father of two beautiful little girls, and works hard at everything he does. He is always laughing or making the best of a situation even when his health is trying to take center stage. He is a good father, son, and friend to many.
So how did he get here?:
Roshon has battled high blood pressure for several years, but managed to keep his pressure under control with medications and stress management. The stress of the medications and changing doses over the years began to put a strain on his kidneys. At the beginning of 2011, Roshon was hospitalized on more than one occasion complaining of back aches, shortness of breath, and being weak. A few short months later, his doctor told him the news, his kidneys failed. With only two options, kidney transplant and dialysis, Roshon started looking for potential donors. Unfortunately, he did not find any donors and had to start dialysis. He initially started feeling better during his first three treatments  because the toxins were finally being cleaned from his system. However, as he continued dialysis, he started feeling the effects of his new “life sentence”. Roshon and so many others like him deserve the chance to live without relying on dialysis. This is not his ending, but only his beginning so Let’s Find Roshon a Working Kidney. 
To all donors: “Thank you for giving the gift of life because someone and his or her family appreciates the chance at a better life.” —-Roshon
If interested in being tested for Roshon Lee, please call his transplant center at 410-328-5408.

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