Linda was born with medullary cystic kidney disease and has been on the active waiting list for a kidney transplant for 2 years. She is presently on dialysis 3 times a week. We all would be grateful to find her a donor so she can have a healthy life again. Her blood type is A+ and is compatible with A-, O+, O- blood types. Contact All heroes are welcome, we thank you!!!




MY NO. 315-263-2627 My Coordinator at Upstate University Hospital is Lavell Jones, my director is Amy L Friedman. Toll free no.- 877-464-5540 ext.5413, other no. 315-464-5413. Fax no.-315-464-6288. I have been approved for a transplant by my insurance co. until October, 2013. There is no cost to the donor at all! Please feel free to contact me about any questions. Thank you.


Personal Interests


I am a devoted mother and wife. I love to do landscape work and interior design. PLEASE HELP MY RESTORE MY HEALTHY LIFE AGAIN, SO I CAN CONTINUE MY LIFE’S PLANS!


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