Become a hero.  Check out to find out if you are eligible to donate by taking a brief survey.  Use Zak’s full name, Sakariah Pappachan.   You will also need to know his full birthday: 08/21/1974
Zak’s Kidney at a glance:
Blood type- O+ Transplant center- UCSF Case Worker- Kelly Dominic … Contact numbers- information to come
Dear FB family & friends
I am writing this as an update on things happening in our life. Some good that is happening is that Angela and I are expecting a baby girl this May.  Our families are very excited.
There are, however, new developments with my kidney; it is failing faster now. The measure to check kidney function, the GFR, has dropped from 14% to 12% . 12 GFR is a border-line number and it means that I am in stage 5 of kidney disease known as end stage renal failure.  I need a new kidney or I will have to go on dialysis.  I am praying and hoping to make it to my 25 year anniversary, June 28, 2013, but it is unknown how long my health will maintain. 
I am asking my friends and family to spread the word that I am in need of a miracle. My blood type, the main determining factor in kidney transplants is O+.  If you are able to help by donation a kidney, please contact the UCSF transplant team, Angela or me so that we can send you the information. 
I have been blessed with nearly 25 years of health thanks to the gift of life from my mom. I want to thank all my family and friends who have prayed for me through the years.  I am blessed with an amazing wife, a mom who loved me so much to give me a second chance at life, my dad and sister who have given me love and support through my ups and downs.
Thank for all the love and support
Zak Pappachan
Zak is O+ blood type, so anyone that is O+ or O- can donate to him. 
A few facts:
-A person can lead a perfectly healthy life on one kidney!   -Zak’s insurance will take care of expenses.  – The surgical incision is called “button hole” because the incision is just about the size a quarter! (It is amazing that technology allows the doctor to fold up the kidney to take it out!) – Healing after surgery typically only takes 2-3 days!
For more information, please visit:
Zak’s form of kidney disease is called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, or FSGS.  This form of kidney disease is determined by the scarring that occurs in the kidney and often leads to full renal failure.  The causes of FSGS are currently unknown as it can occur from birth, or develop at any time.  The kidneys are major filters in the body, so when a part of the kidney is damaged due to scarring, then the blood is harder to filter out.
For more information on FSGS, please check out the UNC Kidney Center at

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