Brett is a loving father that suffers from Polycystic Kidney Disease. He needs a kidney from someone with blood type O. If you would like to help, the local living donor line is 206-598-3627. Click “About” to learn more.
I created this page for several very important reasons. First off, my father, Brett, has Polycystic Kidney Disease, an extremely debilitating disease that impacts his everyday life. After hearing about a Seattle man that was in desperate need of a kidney and received one after making a Facebook page to get the word out there, I felt inspired to do the same for my father. Secondly, I aim to get the… word out there about a normally arcane disease. It is important that we give equal attention to all diseases and make a valiant effort to diminish this disease.
PKD has been in my family for several generations and affects my father, uncle, and my late grandmother. Hence, there is a very good chance that my siblings and I have the disease. This cause is very important to me and it means so much that you are willing to help support us in our effort to get my dad a kidney.
PKD is a disease that fills your kidneys with cysts that compromise bodily functions such as blood flow, energy, and the process of cleaning blood, which takes place in the kidneys. My father’s disease has progressed to the point where he has trouble walking up the stairs, a sharp contrast to when, only four short years ago, summited Mt. Rainier for the second time with me. Dad’s kidney function has been compromised to a diminutive 10%. If his kidney function drops the slightest bit, he has to go on dialysis overnight, every night, just to clean his blood. We are trying all that we can to avoid dialysis, including monitoring my dad’s diet, which now consists primarily of rice, as it is low in potassium, something that he has to avoid, as it is bad for his kidneys.
My dad is an incredible man that deserves a kidney just as much as anyone. Once again, getting my dad a kidney is not the sole objective in creating this page–it also serves the purpose of informing the public of a terrible disease.
If anyone out there would like to help, the local living donor line is 206-598-3627. This will connect you to the University of Washington and they can answer any questions you may have about possible kidney donation. Brett’s blood type is “O” and therefore requires an “O” kidney. There are however possibilities for participating in a chain or swap if you have a different blood type. For anyone interested in learning more about Polycystic Kidney Disease, go to There, you can learn everything there is to know on this disease, from research to donating.
Thank You!!!

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