24 year old Chad Terhaar needs a kidney transplant. If you are blood type A or O, you could be a match! To find out, call IU Health (Indiana) at 1-800-382-4602.  Click “About” for more info.
Chad Terhaar is young man in his early 20s who spends 18 long hours each week on dialysis.  Chad started dialysis on January 5, 2010.  He runs on the “graveyard shift,” so he does dialysis through the middle of the night.  While it’s sad whenever someone has health problems, it’s especially heartbreaking when it’s happens to someone so young and in the prime of his life.  Somewhere there is a matc…h for Chad that will allow him get the kidney transplant he needs to lead a normal life.  This page is an attempt to make that dream come true for Chad.
Mesangial proliferative glomerulonephritis…now THAT is a mouth-full!  It took doctors a while to diagnose Chad with this disorder.  By the time they did, it was too late for his kidneys.  One of the potential complications with this disorder is renal failure.  This is why Chad is now relying on a dialysis machine to keep him alive. 
More about the disorder:  It is a kidney disorder characterized by swelling and blood in the urine (dark urine). It is caused by inflammation of an internal kidney structure (glomerulus), and specifically an increase in number of certain glomerular cells (mesangial cells), accompanied by antibody deposits in the mesangium layer of the glomerular capillary.  It is a rather uncommon disorder.  It is classified as type II lupus nephritis by the World Health Organization (WHO).   
Chad is in Indiana.  If you are blood type A or O you might be a match.  All it takes to find out is a simple blood test.  There will be NO COST to you.  To find out more information please call 800-382-4602.  Thanks for reading this and PLEASE…REPOST so we can spread the word.


Jerry went to visit his buddies at dialysis last night.  He got to speak with Chad, who was on his dialysis machine for the graveyard shift, like he is every Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday night. 
Here is the latest update on Chad.  He is feeling better with more energy since he stopped working two jobs. He is now just working at his family’s farm. His color is better and he’s put on some weight. He wa…s on six different blood pressure medicines, but they found one that works and he is doing much better now. In January, he had the full series of tests they do every year to make certain the patient is healthy enough for a transplant. Chad passed with flying colors. All he needs is a donor! 
We know Chad’s donor is out there someone.  Is it YOU?  To find out if you are a match for Chad, call IU Health today at 1-800-382-4602.  Tell them you want to be tested to see if you are a match for Chad Terhaar.  They will ask you a few medical history questions. If you pass that, you will be sent a blood test kit. Should you be a match for Chad, there will be further testing before the transplant can be approved and scheduled. Chad’s insurance pays for all the potential donor’s testing.  Please consider giving Chad the gift of life.

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