Nathan is in end stage renal and needs a kidney.
Nathan was born with a genetic disease called Infantile Polycystic Kidney Disease. When he was four months old he went into congestive heart failure because of this disease. He has had numerous infections from the permacath used for his dialysis. He’s currently 21 years old and does dialysis three times a week. The longer you’re on dialysis the more it affects the rest of your body. He had to have h…is appendix out in January.  He had a kidney transplant in 2006 and his body had rejected it in 2011. We are currently seeking a possible kidney donor. Must have the blood type O. If you’re blood type O and are interested then you can contact the transplant team at The University of Missouri in Columbia at 573-882-4141. You can speak to Andrew on the transplant team and tell him that you’re interested in being tested to see if you’re a match for Nathan Schafer. Thank you for your interest and hopefully this will help our family. We will be sure to keep you updated.

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