Please read the message from Blake’s mother below:
“Hello Love Transfusion. Can you do us a big favor and share this for Blake? Blake’s story on CNN iReport. Please check it out, comment on it, and share it. The more comments and shares i…t has, the better the chances CNN will pick it up and do a national story on him. Please Help us get his story heard so his match can be found. Thank you all for you support, prayers, and help.
“As of today, a match has still not been found. The reason for this is because his antibodies are very high. It makes it very very hard to match perfectly with anyone. He had one transplant when he was 2, and it rejected. So now he has his own antibodies built up and the antibodies from the other person who he got the kidney from. The 8 year wait is unheard of for a child. You hear of some adults waiting that long, but never a child. It is very rare. His hospital last told us that he has waited longer than anyone at their hospital. If a match is not found for Blake ASAP he will be stuck at the size of a five year old for the rest of his life. His growth plates are closing rapidly and it has been a few years since Blake has grown. He has been on dialysis since he was 3 weeks old. Everyday, for 11 hours. What he has to go through is very hard on his body. I could not imagine having to do what he does everyday. Blake is a warrior and he has nothing but 100% of my respect and love. The hospital wants us to let everyone know that instead of calling, you all can now kick start the matching process even faster by going to the link I have provided below and filling out the application to see if you can donate your kidney to him. First do the questionnaire, if you pass the questionnaire, fill out the application and make sure you put Blake Loudenber in the box at the bottom of the app. Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers.”
To find out if you are a match for Blake Loudenber, please fill out the Health Questionnaire and Application in this link:


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