Im a 48 yr old wife ,mother and grandmother of 1 son and twin grandsons. I have been on dialysis for 11yrs .


Im on the transplant list @ UAMS in Little Rock AR. I am O+ and need a perfect macth. I can take an O anything blood type. If you want to be my HERO call Sue Weeks @1-501-526-5480 or 1-800-552-8026 or email My story is a long one in january 2001 I got sick with TTP a blood disorder.I got real sick and almost died but i was sent to baptist ho…spital in little rock where they did plasma exchance and saved my life but my kidneys did not work anymore so I went on dialysis and was bad sick for a couple of years in and out of the hospital with prancritis and fluid around my heart and lungs but i have an amazing family and i got better and on 9/11/03 my hero my neice Andie maroon gave me one of her kidneys but it only worked for 3 years (best 3 years ever thanks Andie) by the way Andie is doing great with only one kidney. anyway my new kidney stopped working in may of 2006 back on dialysis and then back on the transplant list Then in 2007 i got a cadaver kidney they said it was a perfect match but then they said it was damaged but thought it could be fixed but they could not fix it so they had to take it back out 5 days later those 2 surgerys almost killed me again. So back on dialysis I went, just happy to be alive. back on the list. Then in march 2009 I found a lump on my right breast it was cancer but they did a double mastentomy and got all the cancer and i got lucky and it had not spread and no cemo or radition but they would not do breast reconstruction because i was on dialysis o well i am still here but the cancer knocked me off the transplant list for 2 years but now i am back on the transplant list at uams in little rock but they say i need a perfect match because I have a high antibodies


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