This page was made to share Marshall’s story and to keep family and friends updated on his condition. Feel free to post on the wall. Thank you all and if anyone is interested in being Marshall’s donor please read our about section!!!
Marshall Lane was injured in combat August 13, 2012. Because of the severity of his injuries he was diagnosed with Cortical Necrosis due to blood loss and he is now in need of a kidney transplant. Marshall has been on the wait list here at Walter Reed since November of 2012 with several leads on who could donate but no matches have been found yet.
The Living Donor Transplant coordinator is Nancy… Dipatuan, MD, MHA she can be reached at 301-319-2841.

Be sure you give them Marshall’s name (Marshall Stuart Lane) and that you are calling to receive a packet to be tested as a living donor for him. They will fax the packet to you or have it sent in the mail and will have you return it to Walter Reed. If all goes well with the preliminary work up you will be contacted for further testing.


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