About Tabitha


Tabitha was born on Jan 1st 1990 in Bremerton Wa.


Yes a new years baby 🙂 what a way to start a new year for any parent. She was raised by a single parent for most of her young life, but that didn’t seem to effect her. She adopted a couple of “MOMS” thru the years and is still very close with them ( thank you Ladies you have helped raise a WONDERFUL young woman ).


Tabitha is very smart as well as artistic when the mood strikes her. One of her favorite gifts as a kid was anything dealing with drawling. She has a heart 10 times to big, if such a thing is possible :). When she was 12 she and her brother came into the house and wanted to talk. They both was concerned about this gentleman sitting across the street. They begged to get some hot food together and asked me to go with them to give it to him.


Tabitha has always been the only girl in a Family of boys ( she has 4 brothers ). When she was admitted into the ER November of 2010 she had just had a lil sister added to the family. Her first time meeting her was when they released Tabitha from the ICU and into a normal room. (picture to the right ) Since day one she and her sister has had a bound like no other.


Tabitha is now waiting for a kidney. Like any other renal patient she hates dialysis.. 18+ hours a week hooked to a machine and then the hours after feeling worn out and drained has to take a lot out of you. And she has been doing this same routine now for almost 3 years. 

November of 2010 at age 17 my Daughter Tabitha was diagnosed with ANCA and renal failure. This page is to share some awareness about ANCA Vasculitis and her and others need for a kidney/organ transplant.

Tabitha is Blood Type A+. Donors can be A+ and O. She is living in the New Braunfels Tx area. she has done dialysis 3x times a week since Nov 2010. read full description for more info.

November of 2010 at 17 my Daughter Tabby was diagnosed with ANCA\renal failure. She is blood type A+. This page is to share awareness about ANCA Vasculitis and her need for a kidney transplant.





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