I made this page to raise awareness of live kidney donation to help my mum and other patients like her in the UK. Please ‘like’ and share. We will not accept offers from people who want to sell their kidney. Thank you x
Hi Everyone,
This page is a heartfelt attempt to reach out to my friends and family for support in finding a living kidney donor for my mum. She was diagnosed with end stage renal failure last year due to developing a hereditary kidney disease passed on by her mother and grandfather. Having a familial disease means that me and my brother and our other family members are unable to donate. So anno…ying, as I wish I could have done this for her. After having several tests, the transplant team informed me that it is possible that I may be in the same position as my mum later on in life and so they are not happy to take the risk of using me as a donor. To say I was devastated is an understatement.
My mum is a predialysis patient, which means that finding her a donor soon is imperative, it would mean she wouldn’t have to endure the debilitating treatment and recipients who are transplanted prior to dialysis have better long-term transplant survival. The survival of transplants from living donors is significantly better, than from a deceased person and waiting for a deceased donor can take years. As you will all know, most of us are born with two kidneys, after donating a kidney a person can live exactly the way they lived before donating — a long, healthy, active life with no restrictions.
My mums blood type is A-negative, but any type would be fine – with the ‘paired donation matching scheme’ incompatible blood/tissue donors and recipients can be placed on the transplant list as a pair and can exchange kidneys with another incompatible pair.
I know that creating a page for a living kidney donor on Facebook is a rather unconventional approach, but it has proved successful in the past for other families, so I thought I would give it a go. If it means potentially saving my mums life and raising awareness of living kidney donation then it can’t be wrong. Before my mums diagnosis, I didn’t even know people could donate a kidney, I thought all transplants were done using the kidneys of deceased individuals, in cases of accidental death.
I would appreciate any help and support from you guys, whether you’re interested in being a donor or you just want to pass this information on to your friends & family to increase awareness; it would all mean a lot. If you are interested in being a potential donor, please contact me on my facebook page We are based in London, UK.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this and thank everyone in advance for their efforts in helping us find a kidney donor for my mum.
Best wishes
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