Aidan is still in need for a kidney donor  His blood type is A he matches with A and O  Please contact Sonya Lopez @ 2155902449  for additional info….  thanks so much!!!! need to be between the ages of 21 and 50 
Thanks for liking Aiden’s Page 🙂  Aidan is 7 and he has FSGS which is a chronic kidney disease, we are listed on the transplant list were looking for a kidney donor Aiden’s blood type is A he is a match with A and O  because of the protein within his kidneys he is going to have both kidneys removed and  dialysis before he is able to have a “new” kidney… this has been a very hard time for us, having the support of our amazing doctors and family, friends has helped so much in getting thru this!! I’m hoping by having this page will share with as many people as possible about this rare disease that thousands of people each year are fighting that we can find a cure!!! has a lot of information about NS and FSGS please check out the website!!!  Aidan has been so courageous during this fight!! he will love to see all the people who support him thru this journey in his life!!   If interested to see if your a match please email me at  thanks so much Bobbi

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