I created this page for my Mom, Kelly Fenzel. Kelly is a beautiful 54 year old, and is Mom to me (Lindsay) and wife to her husband Jerry. She has two precious grandchildren, which mean the world to her! She is also “Mom” to Riley, a four pound yorkie. 🙂 Kelly was on the verge of beginning her own business, (she is quite the crafter!!) when some bad news slowed her down.
In October of 2011, we… were told in a routine doctors office visit that she was close to kidney failure, due to a genetic condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease. (PKD) Her doctor told her that most likely she would be on dialysis by Christmas, and that she needed a kidney transplant for survival.
As you can imagine, this news shocked us! It took a few weeks to accept it, and then the hunt for a kidney started in full swing in January of 2012. (Kelly’s dr’s are trying to do a “pre-emptive” transplant”, meaning that they want her to have the transplant BEFORE she has to start dialysis, in order to hopefully skip dialysis all together)
We have been fortunate enough to have family and friends step forward, and volunteer to be tested as  potential donors. To date, we have not had much luck. However, we are confident that by continuing to spread her story around, and by the help of all of you, this story will reach one person who is willing and able to donate life to her!
In addition to this, we hope that this brings awareness to Living Organ Donation, a cause that is so close to our hearts right now.
Here is Kelly’s information:
Blood type: O neg Transplant Center: The Medical University of South Carolina Coordinator: Cindy Dwight RN, ND 843.792.8939
Thank you for taking an interest in this!
(Kidney Stories note:  Kelly’s friends and family put this billboard up for her!

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