07/18/2012 Living Donor Transplant from God and Rob Skinner, My Brother In Christ – Brothers For Life. University Of WI – Department Of Surgery.

Looking for that special kind hearted person ‘My Hero’ who will be a match for a kidney donation, who will save my Life. Rob Skinner and God have givin me Life.

I became aware of my IgAN condition In 1990 and was told It had been In progression since adolescent years. IgAN affects both kidneys, a form of mesangial proliferative nephritis. IgAN (Berger’s Disease) can occur In persons of all ages, but most often affects males In their teens. Eventually I would need a kidney transplant. I am 47 years old and have worked In the transportation workforce for …many years and have one 19 year old son that Is so amazing and I’m so proud of. I proactively managed my IgAN disease for nearly 7 years. 1997 I went into ESRD and started dialysis 3 days a week/4 hour treatments, this went on for almost 4 years. 2001 I received a kidney transplant that I am so ever grateful for to this day! This writing I never Imagined writing nearly 11 years later. I will need another kidney transplant. I realize It’s far more beneficial for me to pursue a living kidney donor. A kidney from a living kidney donor has the potential to last on average about twice as long as a kidney from a deceased donor. I’m very appreciative of your Interest In helping me spread the word about my need for a kidney transplant. I’m also appreciate you taking the time to read this. God be with you.

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