The purpose of this page is to get the word out about Living Donor Kidney Donations. Also, to share our story as we go throught the process, of dealing with Kidney disease and kidney failure and the process of finding a living kidney donor or wait for a cadaver donor. While our story is no different that the thousands of others who are waiting for donors. I find this the best forum to get the info…rmation out to the public.
More info about Raymond’s needs:
■ Raymond is looking for a donor with type O blood.
■ He lives in Queens, New York
■ He’s been on Dialysis since December 2011
■ Raymond is the eldest for 3 neither of his siblings were able to donate due to their own health concerns. He’s a husband and father of two sons (12 & 13) and two step daughters (22 & 21 his youngest step daughter was a kidney match, during the final steps of testing it was discovered that she had Lupus.)
Some notes from the North Shore Transplant Center:
Getting tested is easy it’s just a blood test.
Kidney donation is the most common type of living organ donation.
There is little risk to the donor to live with one kidney.
To be a donor you must be in good health.
Donating a kidney is a great way to donate life.
Transplants from living donors are more successful.
You are giving a gift that allows someone to live a longer, happier and healthier life.
North Shore Transplant Center 1554 Northern Blvd, Manhasset, NY 11030 516-472-5800


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