Shine Strong With Us!!!!! Please click here to read Tarra’s story…
Tarra (Wagner) is a 33 year old only child from Branchville, New Jersey. She is blood type O positive and is in need of another blood type O kidney donor, the + or – is not a factor.     She has been a type 1 (Juvenile) diabetic since age 13 and has had lots of ups and downs and complications since then, due to the diabetes. The biggest set back came in the begining of 2011 when we were inform…ed that her kidney functioning levels were dropping and her kidneys were failing. This resulted iin her having to be admitted in St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston NJ in Feburary of 2011 to have a catheter surgically inserted into her stomach which is used to do dialysis which she does herself at home every 4-6 hours daily.
She’s young and is supposed to be living life, not worrying about it possibly ending…This all talkes it’s toll on her and her body and put a damper on enjoying life…
Tarra is currently registered in Livingston New Jersey @ St.Barnabas Hospital.  For more information or to find out how to proceed with testing. Please contact her Transplant Coordinator Donna Walton @ (973) 322-5047 or by email
     We Thank-You for taking the time to visit and read our page. We hope you will share this page with your friends and assist us in spreading the word and findind a donor…Not only for Tarra but also for the thousands ofothers who are also waiting for their special gift of life… We appreciates every effort no matter how small.
Tarra’s treatments are very costly and not fully covered! We invite you to shine strong with us in an effort to help raise funds for Tarra’s continued medical care along with raising awareness of organ donation.
    Shining Strong is a compilation of Tarra’s name which means Star and the  reflection of her strength & the strength of her supporters during this trying time.  Thank you for supporting Tarra. Keep Shining.
  Donations can be made to:   Shining Strong for Tarra    PO Box 2869   Branchville, NJ 07826

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