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Hello FB world My Name is Artise Johnson. I’m a 39 year old Female who needs a Kidney looking for all the help I can get to find a Kidney. I’m a B+ blood type or O. I live in Chicopee, MA any help will do.  If you are interested in being tested to see if you are a match for ARTISE JOHNSON, call the Western New England and Renal Transplant Center at 413-733-9666. Tell them you want to be tested to see if you are a match for ARTISE JOHNSON. Thank you.


I am a 39 yr old who just had a baby with my transplanted kidney!! I was on dialysis for 12 yrs before my sister gave me a kidney in 2009.  In April of 2012, 3 yrs later it started to fail. I was told to go back on dialysis where I am today. I did dialysis for 6 day a week for 5 hrs a day while I was pregnant. My son was just born on Feb 27 2013. He was 2 months early. He is doing well, a lil small but getting stronger every day. I’m glad to be back on 3 days a week , but will be a lot more happy once I get a transplant.. All I can say is I take it one day at a time. God has brought me thru a lot in my life. Dialysis can be tough but I’m a strong willed person. The lord has been answering my prayers so far. With a husband and my child,  a kidney will come one day…♥.. Ty for taking the time to read my story.




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