We need your help please read our About section to learn more about our friend Megan.

Hello my name is Jackie, and I’m here today to tell you a story about an amazing woman, and to also bring awareness to others about Kidney Disease and Organ Donation. My best friend for over 10 years has been going through a tough time not just now but since she was born.  It’s like a black cat crossed her path as she was coming out of her mother’s womb and from there she just never had a chance. …It all started when she was young and her parents were just not sure what was wrong with her and unfortunately she didn’t get the proper care she needed.  Her kidney was dying and her second one would soon be on its way.  She started dialysis at the age of 9 and her first transplant was at the age of 14.  Because of her unhealthy living arrangements after her surgery, she moved from NJ to NY to stay with her grandparents to have a better life.  While staying with her grandparents she was healthy and happy, she even pitched for her high school softball team. At the age of 21 she lost that gift of life that she received at age 14.  A normal 21 year old should be enjoying their new found nightlife and having fun with friends.  Not Megan, she unfortunately was in renal failure once again and had to begin dialysis which meant no nightlife, no freedom, and dialysis 4 times a week. My friends and I didn’t understand dialysis or how it affected her physically and emotionally.  At the time she was going through this, I was living with her and could see the exhaustion in her face that came after a round of dialysis.  For two years she was on dialysis when an angel in the sky came down from heaven; her name was Doris.  Doris and Megan were attending the same school and when Doris got to know Megan better she realized she had to help her.  And in October 2006, Doris donated a kidney to Megan and everything was perfect or so we thought.  About a week after the surgery Megan called me and said she was in a lot of pain in her right hand.  I ran over to where she was staying at the time after her surgery.  I walked in and she didn’t look well, she had fear and confusion all over her face.  It scared me and what was worse was when I saw her right hand; her pinky and ring finger were discolored.  We immediately went to the Emergency Room.  After 12 hours, the ER doctor said they  needed to transfer her immediately to Stony Brook Hospital.  We weren’t sure what was going on and they were talking about the possibility of her losing her fingers.  When she got to Stony Brook Hospital, the doctors there said she had a blood clot from her surgery that traveled to her fingers.   Her fingers ended up turning black and dying.  She was devastated by what had happened.  The stress of just having surgery and then being told you will lose your fingers was unbearable.  She was heartbroken and just wanted to get out of NY and go to RI where her dad was living.  She just wanted to go home to try and heal.
After 6 months, her ring and pinky finger on her right hand were completely black from the knuckle down and the doctors had to amputate those fingers.   I can’t imagine the pain of losing a limb. But Megan kept her head held high.  Yes she went into moods of depression, discouragement and loss.  But she pulled herself out of it and began her life again.  She continued going to school, got a job at a local RI hospital and started living on her own again.  She is a true inspiration. But as always tragedy hit her again.  In February of 2011, Megan was rushed to the ER with some pain.  I came up from NY to be with her and as I arrived Megan got the most devastating news.  Her kidney of 5 years was rejecting and she was in renal failure.  She was to begin dialysis in April of 2011. 
Her friends came to her aid and tried to donate their kidneys but either no one was a match or other medical issues have forbidden them to donate.   She is a 5’6, 90 lbs a ball of fire. She is my best friend, sister and soul mate and I want to make everyone aware of the importance of organ donation. DONATING A KIDNEY is safer than ever and so many good people like Megan are in need of your help. Megan is inspiring not just for her strength but for her dignity, selflessness to others, and dedication to living a full life even when her body can’t.
So help us make people more aware of kidney donations.  Because there are  many people like Megan who deserve to live and leave their footprints in this life.
Megan’s blood type is O she is located in Cranston, Rhode Island and her current hospital is Brigham Hospital in Boston, MA.  Megan can only receive a kidney from someone with the blood type O or from someone willing to do the swap program.  We thank you for taking the time and reading Megan’s story, and even getting the word out there on Kidney Disease and Living Donors.

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