Living Donor Hi my name is Baird and i have been married to Kathy,my wife for 3 years,we are and always will be newlyweds

I have a genetic Kidney disease (poly cystic Kidney disease) that has been passed down through the generations in which there is no known cure for Iam very healthy other than this and hope to live a long abundant life,my kidney function at this time is about 13%. If you know of any one who has ever considered donating a kidney this might be the opportunity,my blood type is O+ which is more difficu…lt to find, I am compatible with a certain type of A, yet blood type should not be a discouragement as it is also possible to donate into the UNOS system which is a country wide paired donor program
All people have two kidneys and only one is needed if interested contact 916-275-8778 and Thanks for taking the time to read this post, God Bless

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