Adam is 22 yrs old and in need of a donor that is blood types B or O.
Adam was diagnosed at 17 years old. He’s had his schooling, life, and everything he knew ripped from him. He loves to make music, create pictures on his computer, socialize (we call him a social butterfly)lol, He loves comedy, making people laugh and going to work with me to make my patients smile and laugh as well. One thing that stands out about Adam is that he has a huge heart! He would give yo…u anything to see you not suffer. He is the bright light in his dialysis center. All the other patients greet him with smiles and hugs three times a week when he gets there to do his session. Here is the hospital information for London, Ontario, Canada (please bare with us, we are working with William Beaumont in Detroit, Michigan to get him set up stateside. He needs a B or an O type kidney. On the website you will see his story, information links, supporting businesses that are helping with our search for a donor for him. Here’s the hospital information, Call them and they will tell you what needs to be done. They do participate in the International Transplanting Program. Here is the Hospital that he would be going to within Canada.
London Health Sciences Centre P.O. Box 5339 339 Windermere Road London, ON N6A 5A5 Phone: 519-685-8500 (ext. 35932) Fax: 519-663-3858  State that its for Adam Carter in Windsor, Ontario. ♥
For the American Hospital, we are still gathering all that is necessary for them before we can give their number to contact regarding a donation to Adam. Again, thank you all so much! You all are truly angels!!! ♥
If your interested in donating to my son you can call (519) 962-9916 or if you know you would be a match and are willing to donate you can fax your information to: C. Paquette C/O Major Hope Fax number is (519)962-9950 Attention Adam Carter.

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