Need a Kidney Donor with a blood type of A+, A- or O  If you would be interested in donating please contact Helen Stamy Pena, RN  at The Montefiore Einstein Center for Transplant  at 718-920-8483 or


Hello Everyone! I am reaching out to the community in hopes of finding my fiance Jason Calderon a kidney. He is a final stage renal patient and has zero kidney function. He has dialysis 3 times a week for 4 1/2 hours at a time.  He lives in The Bronx, New York. A tattoo artist who loves to create beautiful artwork for his human canvases but his health sometimes leaves him with barely any energy… to draw. Not one to be down on himself he puts a bold face forward and most of his clients have no idea of his health issues.  No children but would love to start a family soon.  I am reaching out to you because I know somewhere out there is his angel of hope and I just need to find them.  Thank you all for your time and live, laugh and most of all love.


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