Hello, I am Dwayne Barrett, 30 years old and looking for a Kidney Donor. I have been on Dialysis for 2 years.

This will be my second Kidney Transplant, the first one was September 23, 1999. Two years ago, during the blizzard 2011 I was hospitalized with the Flu which cause Kidney failure. Keeping the faith that soon I will be living a normal life again.

 Not being able to work is no fun when your still young . Just to have the energy and freedom of living a full life would be awesome.

 Having my animals has kept me going. I have a Blue Healer that is full of energy, a cat, Lucky that is ok with just laying and sleeping me with me after treatment, 4 Blue Bullies that I love to take to Dog Shows. I will be posting some of their pictures as well.

 Thank you for taking the time for stopping by to read this Journey of my life. I will promise to keep you updated at all time’s.. if & when I do hear the wonderful news of this new gift of life. God Bless





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