Otto Machado is a husband and a father to 3 kids. Otto is on dialysis to stay alive to watch his kids grow up. Otto’s only real HOPE is to find him a kidney or as we say find his HERO.R U his HERO Call the Transplant center at 612-625-5115.

Welcome to TEAM MACHADO we call ourselves a team because that’s what we are. We hope you follow our familys journey to find Otto the GIFT OF LIFE and as Dani begins her journey as her little kidney’s try to maintain. If you have ever wanted to do something amazing think about becoming a living donor, 17 people DIE every day waiting for the GIFT OF LIFE. Keep on smilin….

Background Story

Otto was born with a X-linked condition called Alport’s. He has 3 brothers who also have it and have all had kidney transplants. Otto had his 1st transplant in 1993 and that kidney did great until 2006, he had his flu shot October 31 2006 and got sick and just could not shake it. December 22 2006 while at home he passed out and after many test and a kidney biopsie we were told Otto’s body went crazy making antibodies to fight the flu but turned around and attacked his Kidney, he was now in failure and needed a new one. The wait in Minnesota is 5-7 years. We have 3 amazing kids Bryce is 13 Cierra is 10 and Dani(danika) is 8. We were told when we had kids our boys would never have to worry about Alports but our girls would be carriers and there was a 30% chance they could suffer after menopause. Well on July 5th 2007 our worst fears were confirmed Dani our baby is in Stage 2 renal failure and is anemic due to her kidneys not working properly. This site will let everyone know how Otto and Dani are doing. We are desperately looking for a living donor for Otto so that he can get off dialysis and be the amazing father his kids look up too. Otto needs someone with A or O blood type, 18-65 and healthy. If you have ever thought about being a living donor call Kathy Garvey 612-625-5115 she’s at the UofM and can send a packet full of info. Please keep our family in your prayers as we search for the Gift of Life. Keep on smilin…..Team Machado


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