KIDNEY STORIES: Bocayuva Culinary

Virginia Mason (VM) Living Donor Transplant Team directly  1-800-354-9527 Ext 11201 – Living Donor Coordinator :Mary Mason  Email:
I am not sure how to proceed from here; it has been a roller coaster since the end of May this year. My kidney decided to fail on me at that time thanks to food poisoning and now I am trying to find a donor so I can continue my passion of cooking and enjoying the amazing friends and family I have. I am 46 years research and development chef, with an amazing husband and a TYPE B blood. I need some…one that is willing to donate a kidney that is either blood TYPE B OR O, I know that is a big thing to ask and will not be something that everyone is willing to do, but there is always a chance someone out there  that will be the right person to do so. I will try to document the next steps on this journey that I have started here so you all can follow and forward to other people that you think would be willing to help some way. Feel free to invite others to this page so more people learn about kidney disease and the many ways it changes our lives. Happy Sunday to you all Dealing with the reality this week, that doesn’t matter how well I am doing with my diet and life style changes, I am just buying time, there is no cure for end stage kidney disease.   We have treat…ments to prolong our lives and that will help us have a good quality of life as long as we can, one of those treatments is Dialysis and the other is the kidney transplant and here are some facts we need to accept and live with.
  Prognosis facts:   On the average once a person starts dialysis they live 4 years, once listed it takes an average of 5 years to get a kidney from a person who is deceased, a transplant with a kidney from a deceased person last a average a 10 years, a kidney from a Living donor last an average of 20 to 25 years.
  Long terms studies have shown that people who are Living Donors live a long and healthy life, a typical Living Donor is in the hospital for 2 to 3 days and misses a couple weeks of work. A living donor normally lives a normal life.
  All cost of the medical care for the living donor testing and medical expense for the donation, surgery, hospital stay and others is paid by my health insurance.
  Like me there are many more people looking for living donors to improve their chances, today in the USA there are 117,339 people waiting for a transplant and out of those 95,488 are looking for kidneys.” Waiting list candidates as of today 12:37am. All, 117,339. Kidney, 95,488”
Most people have 2 kidneys and they only need one to live, so think about living donation, help someone that needs a better chance and time in life.
  If you would be interested in donating to me please call Virginia Mason (VM) Living Donor Transplant Team directly 1-800-354-9527 Ext 11201 – Living Donor Coordinator : Mary Mason Email: if Mary is not available talk with any other coordinator.

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