Become a living kidney donor for David

Our mission is to restore David’s good health and quality of life by encouraging healthy individuals to consider being a living kidney donor. While dialysis is a temporary solution to end stage kidney failure there can often be negative side effects.  Dialysis is not a fix all and the best solution to end stage kidney failure is a kidney transplant.  David could be on the deceased kidney donor list for years before a kidney becomes available to him.  A living kidney donor is his best option.  Your consideration is needed.
To be considered as a kidney donor for David, contact:
Bonnie Konkowski, RN Pre Kidney, Pancreas Transplant coordinator 319-384-7042

In 2000, David was diagnosed with IGA Nephropathy, also called Berger’s disease. In March, 2012 the disease took a turn for the worst. David is in stage five kidney failure and is in need of a kidney transplant. In May, he was placed on the deceased kidney transplant list; it could be 2 to 5 years before a kidney becomes available to him by these means.
Another option is to find a living kidney d…onor. For a healthy person, one kidney is enough to filter blood properly through the body. This leaves many with the option of donating a kidney to someone like David. A kidney transplant for David would mean not being tied down to dialysis and returning to a healthy, normal life.
Research has shown that there’s little long-term risk for kidney donation, provided you’re carefully screened before becoming a donor. As a potential kidney donor, you’ll receive a thorough medical exam to determine whether you’re a good match for the potential recipient. And you’ll be carefully checked to make sure you don’t have any health problems that might be made worse by donating a kidney
At 28 years old, David and his wife love to travel, going camping and kayaking and following the Waterloo Black Hawk. Love and support from family and friends has made David’s heath problems easier to deal with. To get medical updates and information about becoming a kidney donor continue to follow “KIDNEY TRANSPLANT FOR DAVID MAHNCKE” on Facebook.
Monetary Donations to the David Mahncke Kidney Fund can be mailed to: David Mahncke Benefit c/o Veridian Credit Union, 1827 Ansborough Ave, Waterloo, Ia 50701

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