This is Cheri’s search for an O type kidney match. She is 32 years old and from Holyoke, MA.  To be tested, please contact Western New England Renal and Transplant Associates, 100 Wason Avenue, Spfld, MA 01107 (413) 733-9666, Fax (413)750-3432.
Cheri is 32 years old, and lives in Massachusetts. She is the mother to a 13 year old son, David. At the age of 7, Cheri was diagnosed with Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis Type II. At the time, not much was known about it. Over the years her kidney function gradually declined. At the age of 20 she began dialysis. She joined the transplant list in 2008. After 10 years on dialysis and 4 yea…rs on the transplant list, she received the gift of a kidney donation from an anonymous donor. Unfortunately, she began rejecting the kidney right away. She was treated for humoral rejection with Plasmapheresis, Intravenous Immunoglobulin(IVIG), Splenectomy, Rituximab, and Velcade. Gradually, the kidney began to function well enough that she could stop plasmapheresis. After the first year during one of the many kidney biopsies she had, it was determined that the disease that caused her original kidney damage had be detected in the new kidney. More is known about this disease and it is now better known as Dense Deposit Disease. In short, the patient’s own immune system attack’s the kidneys. There are currently no known guaranteed treatments. When she received the news, she was told DDD is rare (2-3 people per million), which means that there hasn’t been a lot of research because there aren’t enough people to do studies on. She was asked to join a study with the University of Iowa and told about a new drug that was being used experimentally. It is called Soliris and at the time was labeled as the most expensive drug in the world. She started this medication and after some time it was shown that her Proteinuria was markedly reduced. Due to Acute rejection which caused damage to the kidney, her kidney function dropped too low to sustain her health and she returned to dialysis in March 2013.
Cheri’s blood type is O. She is looking for any person who is willing to offer her a live donation. A live donation would give her the best chance for a successful transplant and would allow her to begin Soliris treatments again, so that she would be prepared for the transplant surgery and hit the ground running this time. Thanks to all who are considering getting tested. Just the thought is gift enough.
Living Donation information:
To be tested, please contact Cheri through this page, Email:, or her Transplant Center:
Living Donation Coordinator – Joyce Turtino Western New England Renal and Transplant Associates 100 Wason Avenue Springfield, MA 01107 Transplant Services(413)794-2321

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