Kaylee and Tori DePriest are sister’s and live outside of Dallas, Texas,  and have been battling kidney disease for a total of 15 years.  Both girls are A+, but can receive a kidney from someone with either A or O blood. 
Kaylee and Tori are sister’s and have battling kidney disease for a total of 15 years.  They live in East Texas and both see doctors in Dallas. Kaylee was diagnosed at the age of 5 and then two short years later when Tori was 5 she was also diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome FSGS. 
Kaylee is currently a freshman in college working on her Associates degree in Forensic Science and wants to transfer… to Sam Houston State to receive her Master’s Degree in Forensic Science.  Kaylee received a kidney transplant from her maternal grandmother in 2002 and in 2010 she completed rejected.  In 2011 Kaylee started dialysis first on hemodiaysis and then switched to pd dialysis so that it would be easier to attend college.  In 2012 she had her transplanted kidney removed.  She is currently on the transplant list at Baylor Hospital through the Dallas Transplant Institute in Dallas, Texas.  The transplant coordinator in charge of potential donors is Val Kysiak and her number is 214-358-2300.  Kaylee is hoping to have a transplant soon so that she can finish college and reach her dreams dialysis free.
Tori is a Junior in High School and is looking forward to graduation.  She wants to attend college locally and receive her RN’s license and then transfer to Baylor University to receive her degree and become a physician’s assistant.  She wants to work with children who are battling kidney disease and who better to understand what you are going through than a kidney patient.  I (Tori’s mom) was able to give her a kidney in 2004 and two weeks ago she had to have her transplant kidney removed and start dialysis.  We are currently working on getting her on the transplant list (I will update that information as soon as possible).  She is currently doing hemodialysis while we wait on the pd catheter site to heal and her to receive her supplies needed to be able to do dialysis at home. 
I truly believe that the greatest gift I could have ever given my child was a kidney a new lease on life.  Believe me if I could give my other kidney to one of the girls I would do it in a heart beat and go on dialysis myself.    As a kidney donor I am able to live a full life and the sickest I have ever been is the common cold. 
Thank you for considering “Sharing Your Spare” for one of my girls.

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