16 years ago, Tony Bollin received a kidney transplant.  Now a father of one year old twins, that kidney is failing.  Help us find a new donor for a wonderful husband, father and friend.  Blood type O positive UCLA Transplant center in CA
Tony Bollin is Blood Type O positive His transplant will take place at UCLA in California His Patient Coordinator at UCLA is Myrlin Agunod 310-267-6913 He will start dialysis in 6 weeks.  Last time he was on dialysis, waited 5 years for a kidney.  … In his early 20’s Tony had started his career at Edison International.  During a routine physical his blood pressure was sky high.  He was quickly rushed to the hospital.  Kidney failure.  They call it the silent killer.  It happens to men in the early and late 20’s but they still don’t know the cause.  Tony was on dialysis for 5 years when one night he got the call.  A deceased donor kidney was his if he could get to UCLA.  For 16 years that kidney served him well.  We met 2002 and 9 years later got married on the beach in Kauai.  In January 2012 we welcomed twin girls into the world.  The greatest gift we have ever know.  Tony travels for a living and was gone quite a bit the first year of the babies lives.  In fall of 2012 he was working in Blythe, Ca.  When he would come home over the weekend, I started to notice that he didn’t look well.  His legs and ankles were swelling and he was not his sparkling self.  He continued to get his monthly blood work done and everything was holding steady.  Until January 2013.  We all got the Nurovirus and that was all he needed to push him over the edge.  His creatinine level went up to a 4.7.  His local Dr. told him to go to the nearest hospital.  He stayed there for a week before they sent him home.  His swelling was gone and his levels were slowing declining.  But blood work 2 weeks later showed in rising again.  He went back to UCLA, they tried steroids but his levels still went all the way up to 7.0. That was on Monday March 18th.  They told him it was too late.  Renal Failure.   We are now going through the process of getting his surgery set up for the dialysis, getting him back on the transplant list and adjusting our lives to keep our house and our family together.



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