I’m a thirty year old married mother of one that is in desperate need of a kidney transplant. We found out I was in kidney failure when I was pregnant.


When I was 12 it was found that I had high blood pressure…my kidneys were tested at that time and found to be functioning normally…I was not put on any medication…I didn’t get on high blood pressure medicine until I was 18. I had symptoms of kidney failure (itchiness, lethargic, nausea) but didn’t have a clue there was anything seriously wrong. A routine 24 hour urine test when I was 11 weeks pregnant informed us that my kidneys were functioning at 30%. My Dr. thought that my kidneys would probably rebound after pregnancy…around the time my son turned one my kidney function was 15%. I had an AV fistula surgery in Sept 2009. I had the fistula pulled up in Jan of 2010. I was at 9% for a long time. When I finally started dialysis I was at 6%…that was March 12, 2011.




Stacey’s blood type  is b positive who means she can receive a donation from a b or an o donor.  She is listed on the University of Iowa’s transplant list. If you would like  to be tested please let us know so we can send you a packet! Thanks 🙂


(319) 356-1616


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