I have learned that I Can’t Post Melanie’s Story on Anyones Wall asking them to Share her Story for us because I have been Blocked and Can’t make Comments on Any Pages we have Liked and Shared for 15 Days for some Reason (this hurts Melanie and she did NOTHING Wrong Either). So can we Ask you to Share it for us until then Thanks so much. We are 20 Likes away from Our 400 GOAL Please help us by Sharing so we can Find her LIVING DONOR ♥

Wendy and Melanie have “overshared” in the eyes of FB.  They sell jewelry to help offset transplant costs and because they have not paid for advertising, they are treated differently than other paying customers.  This is not right.  They have the right attitude; we are not in business against each other.  As victims of kidney disease, we all have the same interests, we all pull the rope in the same direction; we are not in business competing for a scare resource in a declining market.  We are engaged in an altruistic venture to help improve the likelihood of kidney donation for all.  We are pulling the rope in the same direction!  The page a Friend in Need recognizes this!  They share their own page and the pages of others who are afflicted as well, not just of kidney disease, but their scope is much, much broader.  It is a known fact that one can find a donor on FB, and Melanie has been deprived of her ability to search for 2 weeks.  Because they “overshared.” This is nonsense!  FB pages, particularly kidney pages were set up to be shared.  That is their main reason to be.  These people like me are seeking a donor and helping others to seek, many who are unable to help themselves.  Here is the link to their page:  Please go there, hit the Like button, leave a little love on the page for them to read, share their page, and seriously consider that you are donating a kidney to a woman that makes handmade jewelry in an effort to finance a transplant and the post transplant medications.  The first year of a transplant costs over $125,000 and just about $25,000/year thereafter for the meds.  This is hardly a for profit enterprise.  This cannot really even be called a cottage industry.  Just a single mom trying to be there while her child grows up, goes to high school, goes to her prom, maybe to college, gets her first job, gets married, has her own children (grandchildren for Melanie).  FB knows the success rate for recipients seeking on FB. Loosing 2 weeks of sharing and bringing people to their page is a great loss under these circumstances. Did you know that some transplant centers use you ability to afford a transplant and post transplant medications as a criteria to accept you into their program?  Remember, Medicare only covers 36 months post-transplant and then you’re on your own.  Many transplants now last 20 years; some more than that.  I hope that you will show your support.  My good friends need you and me to act because they cannot.  Thank you for reading this.

Here is Melanie’s Kidney Story: 

My name is Melanie Gibson-Gordon. I live in Philadelphia Pa. I am 41 years old a Single Mother of a 9 year old Daughter Emily. I am searching for a Living Donor because I need a Kidney. I need a Kidney too live. Description Hello my name is Melanie Gibson-Gordon. I am searching for a Living Donor. I am a Single Mother of two Wonderful children Emily who is 9 years old and my son Tom who is 23 years old. I like to surround myself with music, poetry, friends, and my children they all help me to cope with my illness. My Faith also helps me. I love to cook. I am interested in going back to school again. I love spending time with my daughter and enjoy cooking with her and reading with her, we go to the movies and the park as much as we can. Music is my passion. My family and I surround ourselves with music and the instruments we love. I Love spending time with my friends when I can. I also love helping out others. In 1992 I was diagnosed with Good Pasture Disease it is an Auto-Immune Disease. In 2000 I received my first kidney. I am in need of another one due to medication damage to the first one I received. I am unable to work due to my Illness. I go to Dialysis 3 times a week hooked up to a Machine. I have been on the Transplant Waiting List for the last 2 1/2 years. I go to dialysis 3 times a week. My blood type is A+ but anyone with O blood can donate to me. My center does both paired and chain matching. Any blood type can donate and save someone’s life. You can contact the Transplant Department at 1-800-JEFF-NOW and speak to the Living Donor Coordinator she will help you. We would Love to THANK YOU for taking the time to read Melanie’s Story, and even getting the word out there about Kidney Disease and Living Donors


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