This page was created to raise fund for Idora’s husband kidney transplant. She is the potential donor. If everything goes well, the surgery will take place in 2013.
Salam and hi everyone!
My name is Idora and I’m married to the love of my life, Rizal. We have three beautiful but very naughty boys. If you see us, you would think that we are like any other young and married couples, who want to lead good and productive lives, and see our sons grow to be good men.
Sadly, the future is a bit bleak. Rizal suffers from chronic kidney disease and has been on dialy…sis for more than 2 years. The sessions are 3 times a week which is about 4 hours per session. Post dialysis he is tired and rests throughout the day. He had a thriving career before in IT. He is unable to achieve his dreams now.
He is only 34 years  old. My wish is simple. I want him to be back able to play with the kids, I wish him to be able to travel and most of all I want him to see the kids grow up to be fine men. And I want my husband back, as the man I married, who is funny, good, hardworking. I am appealing to all, to help up with this drive.
It is not just for a selfish reason. I know may people will say there are people with worse illnesses and lives. But I also believe this drive will create awareness to many Malaysians, rich or poor, young or old. I  want to create awareness for kidney disease. I want people to learn all about kidney and how early detection can prevent or prolong kidney failure. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. There is little support for healthcare in Malaysia, especially when it comes to the expenses.
My family and friends are supportive, and are helping me with ideas to raise funds.
All proceeds from the featured products and events in this page will go to the Kidney4Daddy Fund. Payment can be made directly to the bank account below:
Bank: Maybank Account No: 114290033585
Please email us at once payment is made together with the reference number and your product of choice or the event name. 
We are on twitter too @Kidney4Daddy
Update on K4D @ 13th Dec 2012
Thank you everyone who has Liked us, shared our page and mentioned us from twitter, facebook, between friends and family members. It has been 6 months since I created this page. In this 6 months, many have helped us in so many ways that I could ever imagined. I have met many wonderful people who gave their hand of support through organising events for us and supporting our products.
A little good news that I would like to share is I am donating my kidney to my husband. A little over 3 months after we started this fundraising, we found out after the many tests that I had to go through that we are a match. We are not blood related and to find this test to be a match is a Godsend blessing to our family.
On God’s will, the transplant will take place in early 2013. Since both of us will be in recovery mode post transplant, a big amount of the funds will be used during the period. We hope for a smooth recovery, InsyaAllah.
Pray the best for us.
Thank You, Idora

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