Jim is a 42 year old single dad Located in Arizona and is in need of a Kidney from an “O” Type donor.  Jims Transplant center is Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center and can be contacted at (602) 839-0210 or 1(800) 554-1923

In June of 2008 Jim was diagnosed with Membranous nephropathy, a kidney disease affecting the glomerular basement membrane, the part of the kidneys that helps filter waste and extra fluid from the blood. Jim had various treatments to slow the effects of this disease and try to prolong the inevitable of End Stage Renal Disease.  Jim continued to work full time and raise his son as a single father w…hile not letting on with the challenges that he now faced.
In March of 2011 Jim relocated to Arizona with his son, leaving family and friends back in Ohio to start a new job.  Then in April of 2012 he was told that his disease had progressed to End Stage Renal Failure and would need to start dialysis immediately.  Jim chose peritoneal dialysis as he found that to be the best option to continue working his job full time and supporting his son both academically, and athletically.  This was an extremely trying time for Jim and his son as all of their support was back in Ohio.
Imagine having to come home and explain the situation to your son, how do you prepare your child for this?  Having to share information with them “in case of emergency” here is where all the vital information is!
Jim has been on Dialysis since July and while not a huge fan of being hooked up to a machine that now is necessary to keep you alive because without it your blood would become to toxic for your body he appreciates what it is doing not only himself but for his family as well.  While Jim continues Peritoneal Dialysis he remains hopeful that enough people will spread his message not only to help him find a HERO, but to help the many others out there waiting for their HERO to come along.
Please take the time to spread word not only of Jim’s cause but that of everyone in need of an Organ Transplant, because you can save a life and be one of the untold HERO’s that we are so desperately looking for.

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