Hi, my name is Shelley and I had a kidney transplant on February 26, 2013. My living donor found me because of a page my daughter started fo…r me on FB called…My Mom Needs A Kidney !! I shared the page and my friends shared our page and my donor saw it and right away wanted to get tested! FB really can work. I started looking for a donor as soon as a was told I would need a transplant. I was scared to death, but chose to focus that fear on finding myself a living donor! I ended up having to start dialysis in May of 2012. I was devestated and absolutely hated every minute of it!! People would actually ask me how dialysis was going…like it was a new job or something! I would respond by saying…’well…it really sucks and always will!’ People think if your on dialysis then your going to be ok. Needless to say, I had A LOT of anger about the whole situation. I right away had someone come forward who wanted to donate before I had to start dialysis, but after finishing almost all of the testing she had to back out. That sent me into a downward spiral! Why did I really believe that a stranger would want to help me!! I gave up for a while and then my daughter had the excellent idea for the page. A friend from first grade thru high school shared and her best friend Lisa ended up being a match for me! I didn’t get excited at first. Why would a total stranger with 5 kids want to help me? Lisa is an amazing person, very giving, full of life and I must add, has very active kidneys!lol She gave me my life back, free from dialysis and on my way to being able to enjoy life. So, don’t give up. Fight for you. Tell everyone who will listen about your story, you will be surprised how many people really do care 🙂   If you would like us to post your info on our page, just let us know at My Mom Needs a Kidney-Shelley


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