Blood type: O,  Residence:  Indiana,  Donor Info: calls can be made to Kelly Coffee at 317-944-4370, Hospital: IU Transplant Center

My son Marcus is 18 years old and was born with Polycystic Kidney Disease.  He received his diagnosis at 20 weeks gestation.  His father also has this disease as well as many family members.  I have diabetes so there aren’t really any family options.  His sister hasn’t yet been diagnosed but carries the strong possibility of having the disease as well.  Marcus recieved his first kidney transplant …June 24, 2010.  Unfortunately that kidney had BK virus which attacked itself once it was suppressed.  He also developed a rejection.  He had about 3 good months post transplant before the kidney began to fail.  Finally in May of 2012  he started peritoneal dialysis to do the job that his transplanted kidney could no longer do.  We are forever greatful to the family who donated their loved one’s kidney.  In August, due to complications, the transplanted kidney had to be removed. Marcus is recovering nicely from the surgery and is ready to recieve a new kidney.  He has always enjoyed being outdoors and loves anything on wheels.  Four wheelers, dirt bikes, and his beloved Subaru WRX.  XBox has been a great distraction during much of his recovery. He hopes to attend IvyTech in the spring and further his education.  If anyone is interested in finding out more on being a donor for Marcus, please call 317-944-4370, IU Transplant Center.  Thank you and God bless!

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