Adam is a 49 year old father of two beautiful daughters who need their Dad around for a long time.
Adam first found out he has kidney failure in early February of 2012. He was immediately sent to OSF in Peoria, Illinois where more tests were done and the doctors concluded that he needed to be on dialysis because his kidneys were no longer functioning at a safe level. He now has dialysis three times a week for four hours at a time. Dialysis is an unpleasant process where blood is taken out of th…e body and ran through filters to remove what the kidneys would usually in a working body, and then returned back into the body through large needles. Adam was placed on a kidney transplant list in Illinois when he was in the hospital in February, but it can take many years to receive one. This process is particularly more difficult than usual because Adam has the blood type O. A few people have tested to be a donor but have unfortunately not been able to due to health findings in the testing. If you or anyone you know would be interested in being a kidney donor to Adam please send a message or help spread the word by sharing this page. Adam and his family greatly appreciate all of the thoughts and prayers during this difficult time in their lives.

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