My name is Katrina I am 30 yrs old and a single mother of a little girl she is 9. I have a chronic condition called Kidney disease. It is called IGA nephropathy.
I have been living with this since I was 15 a sophmore in high school. I had my first transplant when i was 16 in 1997. My father gave me one of his kidneys. I am so greatfull for him! I lived with that kidney for 7 years. I finished high school and had my beautiful daughter, all thanks to my dad. That kidney got infected and had to be removed. 😦 I got put back on dialysis and the transplant list… waiting for my next kidney. I had my ups and downs, in and out the hospital and also had a seizure being on dialysis which was really scary. 2 1/2 years later i was so blessed to recieve my second kidney transplant from someone unknown but I thank them forever. I got to live a normal life again. I went back to nursing school. First I got my CNA license then finished with my LVN license. I started working, had my own place, and was able to feel like a real adult taking care of my daughter. Then i started getting sick again and yep there was a virus in my kidney. Had to have that kidney removed and again put back on hemodialysis.:(     I am still currently on dialysis and it has been almost two years now. Me and my daughter have tried to have as much of a normal life as we can, but i had to quit working, move back home and got my license suspended because of seizures i have been having since i am back on dialysis. 😦  Dialysis is very hard on my body  (well anyones body) and my blood pressure is all over the place. I have had to increase more medications to keep it under control. I wish my health was better and the only way is to have another transplant. It will be my 3rd transplant..eeeekk I am very nervous. I would be able to work again and feel like an adult. Most of all my daughter would know her mommy is okay. It breaks my heart to watch my daughter worry everyday about me. If her mom is gonna have a seizure while she is sleeping next to her, or when they go on walks she worries if i am gonna pass out. This little girl has a big heart and i love her so much and just want the best for her. She is my world and would love to know she doesn’t have to worry so much about her mommy. She already does not have a dad in her life and i just want to be around healthy enough to take care of her and myself. Right now my mom does alot for me and is always by my side any time i need her! She did ask my nephrologist if she could donate but unfortunately she has some minor kidney problems herself and can’t do it.  So I am asking anyone who is willing to help me?? Anyone who would be interested in being a kidney donor for me i would be so blessed and greatfull!! And if it is not you thats ok please just LIKE this page so the word can be spread and maybe there is someone out there that could…Thank you for reading this 🙂   and God Bless you all….

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