This page is dedicated to raising awareness about kidney donation and helping Neal Demby find a kidney donor. Please click “About” for more information and our super Top 10 List!

Have you ever wanted to do something selfless and life-altering?  My Dad has spent his life dedicated to that mission and now he is in need of a kidney; he must count on someone brave and heroic to return this kindness to him. Over his 40-year career as a dentist and public health professional, he has traveled the country and the world working to make sure those who are most in need, including spe…cial needs children and adults, receive quality dental health care, HIV/AIDS testing and treatment, and other vital health services. He is the coolest, smartest, most rad dad EVER to me (Hilary) and my sister, Jessica; a loving husband to Sherry; an adoring “pop-pop” to Jessica’s two amazing sons, Lukas (age 4) and Kaleb (age1); a brother to Jill; an uncle to a brood of 13 nieces and nephews; and a friend and colleague to thousands of wonderful doctors and health professionals.  
Suffering from secondary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis kidney disease for over 13 years, his deteriorating kidney function required him to begin dialysis in July of 2012. Even after this setback, he continues to work and travel with same vigorous schedule he has always maintained. Admittedly, this is not always easy, but he refuses to let this (hopefully!) temporary treatment run his life. He has worked tirelessly to continue to fight the good fight while our family does all we can to try to find a living donor.
Of the 15,000 kidney transplants done in the US annually, about 6,000 are through living donors. The demand for kidneys far outweighs the supply of either living donor or cadaver kidneys. While my Dad is currently on the list to receive a cadaver kidney, the wait is usually 3-5 years, and that may be more time than he has. We know that the longer he is on dialysis the greater the risk of him developing other health problems or dying (particularly after the 6 month time frame, which he has already passed).  A kidney transplant will double his life expectancy compared to staying on dialysis treatment. The bottom line is that living donors remain the best option because the kidney is healthier, lasts longer, and has fewer complications.
**THINKING ABOUT DONATING TO NEAL?** Now here’s the important stuff for you to know if you’re thinking about becoming a living donor. First, the best source of information about living donation that I’ve found is from The National Kidney Foundation’s website ( 
Donors can be any age ranging from 18 to their early 70s. As long as they are in good health and have normal kidney function, they can donate. The cost of the living donor’s evaluation, testing, and surgery are paid for by the recipient’s Medicare or private health insurance. Transplant centers are deeply concerned about the health of the donor and do all they can to minimize risk. And, if during preliminary testing they detect even the smallest chance that you would not be a good candidate to donate, they’ll tell you right away that you’re not eligible. In terms of risks to donor, it is little different than most surgery. The procedure is usually done laparoscopically and is minimally invasive. The hospital stay for the donor is usually about 3 days. A 2009 study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that the long term survival of living kidney donors was no different from that of matched control individuals. Basically, if you are a relatively healthy person, the risks are minimal and the vast majority of donors go on to lead perfectly healthy, normal lifestyles. Apparently it’s not a big deal to live with one kidney (some people are born with only one and never know it!) because the remaining kidney just enlarges to compensate.
**INTERESTED IN DONATING TO NEAL?** If you think you might want to donate but are worried about the logistics, no need to travel, we’ll come to you! It took a lot of hard work (thank you Sherry!), but my Dad is currently activated for a transplant at 6 renowned transplant centers around the country:
• New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University in New York City, NY • University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, PA • Yale New Haven Hospital in New Haven, CT • University of California at Irvine Hospital in Irvine, CA • Banner Hospital in Phoenix, AZ • University of Miami Hospital in Miami, FL
The first step is contacting us to let us know where you live and which hospital would be the most convenient for you. Then we’ll send you a one-page donor information form for you to submit to the hospital by fax or email. This form gets the ball rolling, then the hospital’s transplant coordinator will contact you about further testing to determine if you are eligible and provide you with all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.
If you have any questions about my dad, donation in general, or think you want to begin the process of donating, please post a comment on this page or send us a message. Thanks for your interest and please keep us in your thoughts!
**TOP TEN REASONS TO DONATE YOUR KIDNEY TO NEAL DEMBY** Okay, now here they are (the reason you probably clicked on this page in the first place!), the top ten reasons to donate your kidney to Neal Demby:
# 10. Work for the feds? Federal government employees (many state employees too!) receive 30 days paid leave for organ donation over and above your normal sick and annual leave. You do the math: that’s 3 days in the hospital, 27 on the beach. (check out the details here:
# 9. “I’m recovering from donating my kidney.” Best pick-up line ever.
# 8. From now on, every time Neal provides free health care to people in need, you rack up additional good karma points.
# 7. Fifteen states offer $10K in organ donation tax deductions. Sweet! (check out the details here:
# 6. Neal is a gourmet cook and loves to prepare delicious feasts for his favorite people. Just saying.
# 5. Recovering after donating your kidney to Neal is a great excuse to stay in bed and binge watch all three seasons of Downton Abbey.
# 4. If you ask nicely, the surgeon will fashion the space where your kidney was into a convenient change purse.
# 3. For the rest of your life you can play the “I gave a kidney” card to get out of chores and win arguments.
# 2. Easy way to drop two pounds, just in time for swimsuit season.
# 1. With only one kidney, you can get your buzz on juuust a smidge faster

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