Lyn Nolan is in great need of a kidney transplant.  Please consider becoming a donor today!  Click “About” to find out more!
In a cozy home nestled in the hills of Potter County, PA, lives a wonderful woman and her family.  Lyn Nolan is a devoted mother of 3 sons and 2 daughters, loving wife to Rod, hard-working cardiac sonographer at Olean General Hopsital, and friend to many.  Lyn is gravely ill, however.  Her body has entered Chronic Renal Failure, and with only one working kidney, the situation is serious.  Her doctors at UPMC have determined that Lyn needs to find a kidney donor as soon as possible, even before her body requires dialysis. 
While immediate family donors usually make the best donor matches, Lyn’s family is unable to help due to three of these members having the same kidney condition.  You can help in three ways:
1.  Be tested to see if you are a match.  Call Maureen Vekasy, RN, CCTC at (412) 647-5800 for more information (Refer to Lyn as Darialyn Nolan during the phone call.)
2.  Even if you are not a match for Lyn, your kidney may still save her life with the Pairing Donation Program.  This works by you donating your kidney to someone compatible on the list and that person has someone compatible from their list share with Lyn.  It is a win-win!  2 people’s lives are saved!
2.  Like and share this Facebook page with all your friends.
When we find a match for Lyn, all of the donor’s surgery costs are covered 100% by Lyn’s health insurance. Please help us make a difference in the life of our good friend.  Call the number today!

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