Steve is currently on Dialysis, 6 days a week for 4 hours a day, while he waits for a kidney transplant. He suffers from kidney failure due to Childhood Diabetes. Steve is in need of a live donor with Type A Blood (Type O is also compatible).
Stephen is my wonderful husband of 32 years. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a child and has been battling the disease ever since. We have four amazing children; Stephen Jr., Thomas, Michelle, and Amanda. Stephen Jr. and Michelle are both getting married in the coming year. We are staying strong in faith and hoping Steve will receive a kidney in time to walk our beautiful daughter down th…e aisle in December, 2013.
Steve must have a kidney donor with an A or O blood type. If you are able and would like to inquire about donating, please contact:
Milagros Narido Transplant Coordinator Yale New Haven Hospital 203-688-8372 Patient: Stephen Johnson
Thank you for taking the time to read Steve’s story. We hope you will “like” and “share” this page with friends/family to help us spread the word

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