Alan is a 21 year old from New York.  He needs a kidney from any blood type (A, B, O, AB).  His struggle started at a week and a half old when he lost 1 1/2 of his kidneys.  Click about to learn more. 
Please help us…..
  It breaks my heart to watch my vibrant son grow sicker every day. He is 21 years old with his whole life ahead of him, and so much to offer the world. He lost one and a half kidneys at a week and half old due to a rare combination of dehydration, related to gastritis, on a scorching hot summer’s day, and a genetic webbing in one of his major arteries. His blood clotted and th…e temporary lack of blood flow to his kidneys caused them to atrophy.
In spite of that, he has grown into a strapping young man with amazing talents and strengths, which I always thought of as a special blessing. He is very brave, but he is running out of time. I cannot bear the thought of him tied to a machine. He loves going to school and excels at every subject. When he is well, he hopes to have the chance to fall in love and start a family.
We have exhausted all potential donors in our family. My daughters are too young. His older brother gave him a perfect kidney, but the kidney was damaged during the procedure, even though he had one of the best surgical teams. They have learned from the first attempt and are prepared to attach the next kidney without a problem. I was almost accepted as a donor, but I have compromised circulation to my kidneys, which disqualifies me. His father has high blood pressure, and the few siblings, and other relatives that we have are too old.
I would not be asking if I was not desperate to save my son. We need one healthy adult who is willing to donate a kidney. Our gratitude would be timeless and immeasurable. Please take the time to consider our plight and share this message with whoever can help. I know my son was born for a purpose. He dedicates all of his time to the pursuit of knowledge, which I believe will someday benefit mankind. Please give him a chance to fulfill his destiny.
  Contact renewal at 1 718 431 9831 or email to find out more about kidney donation.

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