•Sierra’s story….. I would like to tell a story about a brave and strong little girl name Sierra. Sierra has jumped many hurdles  in her life since she was born. You see I was diagnose with diabetes and preeclampsia when I was caring her .The doctors did not think she would make it. She had to fight to live for 38 weeks. Then on May 24 2000 she was born. She weighed 4lbs 8oz at Guadalupe Hospital. She was born with multiple problems like a heart murmur  and no outer ears. I got to see her for a few minutes be for they rushed her off to San Antonio to Santa Rosa hospital because the doctors in Seguin did not think she would make it. We had her baptized at Santa Rosa not knowing what the outcome was going to be. She had many nurses and doctors taking care of her . She had one operation at 2months old. She stayed in Santa Rosa for 4 months it seemed like a life time to mother and she proved them wrong and when the doctors told me she would never say momma and never grow or walk it was like a stab to my heart. But with help from many therapist coming to the house 2 to 3 times a week she proved the doctors wrong again. As she has gotten older her heart murmur healed. And at the age of 2yrs she came a cross another hurdle she was diagnosed with RSV and thought she was going to die. The preacher even came over and prayed over her. She stayed in the hospital for several months she bounced back and proved the doctors wrong again. She is very outgoing and talkative and brave little girl. She has went through 2 ear constructive surgeries that did not take and even though she has no outer ears and wears a hearing aid with a headband she still acts like any other normal child her age 11yrs old. She loves to swing, singing, watching movies hanging out with family and friends. She loves the outdoors she loves all animals, picking flowers and watching butterflies, birds and planes go by. But on February of 2011 we had got some heart breaking and devastating news that she was in renal failure she would need to go dialysis and will need a kidney transplant. You see she was born with one kidney that never grew since she was 3months old. It was like some one hit me in the stomach with a sledge hammer we were devastated to here the heart breaking news. So in march of this year she started dialysis she goes 3 times a week to Santa Rosa hospital in San Antonio no days off no holidays off she loves going to school and now she only goes twice a week. I would do anything in the world for my girls. It hurts my heart and I am trying to be strong as any mother can be when not knowing what could happen to there child. You see I am looking for one special angel to help my sweet baby girl sierra me and my family would do it but we can not because of the problems that run on both sides of our families we can not I am asking from the bottom of my heart as  mother to mother sister to sister and friend to friend if there anybody out there with a kind and special heart out there that hears Sierra’s story and would like to donate a kidney to her please contact Santa Rosa in San Antonio, Texas they pay for all the testing and everything we would be more  than grateful to whom can help answer our prayers. Sierra has many people that would miss her terribly. Please give our daughter a chance to grow up and  experience a chance to graduate from school,fall in love, get married and live a normal life . Please look into your heart and give her a chance at life and help this special little girl. If anyone is interested in donating you can call Rosie at the university hosp.at210-358-4000 or McKenzie at Santa Rosa 210-704-4627 and they will give you more info. This story is by my wife Tammy McGarey.


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