Please join us on our quest to find Ervin a kidney donor. He is type “O” blood. Please share our journey with your family and friends. Even if we can not find a donor for Ervin, maybe we can help to find a donor for someone else in need. Thank you =)
Hello my name is Ervin Mills and I am 56 yrs young. I am married and the father of 2 daughters and 2 sons and “papa” to 2 girls and 2 boys.They are the reason I am fighting to get my life back.I was diagnosed with F.S.G.S.kidney disease about 22 yrs ago. like everyone else, I was in denial that I would actually end up on dialysis and that a machine would be the only thing keeping me alive. I start…ed dialysis in July of 2007 It was the beginning of a new chapter and an end to the “normal” life I knew. I try to keep my spirits up and stay positive but some days are not as good as others. I lost my mother in law 2 yrs ago to kidney disease (she also was a dialysis patient she was on for 5 yrs). I have been on the transplant list since October 2009. they say the “average” wait here is 5-7 yrs but many that I know have been waiting longer then that unless they have a living donor. I have had 2 people offer their “spare” A very good friend of mine was the 1st one but he takes a low-dose high blood pressure med that eliminates him from being a donor and the 2nd was my brother who is of a different blood type than mine (we are 1/2 siblings) My children have all offered but they are just starting their lives and kidney disease runs on both sides of their families (mine & their mothers) so I am afraid by taking one of theirs I will be putting them at risk for developing it later. I dont want my kids to go through what I do everyday. I am hoping to find someone who would be willing to “share their spare” with me. I live in upstate NY in between Rochester and Syracuse and my transplant center is at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester NY. My insurance would take care of all the cost for both you and me.  My Renal Transplant Coordinator is Mary Kremer and you can contact her @ 1-585-275-7753 with any questions. Thank you =)


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